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Earl Garner

Earl G

Ms Grier for your expert advice pertaining to my hair and scalp. The transformation has been beyond my expectations.
In January 2013 I contacted Ms Grier about my scalp problem. I was having a problem with scalp lesions and the overall disturbing condition of my hair due to the combination of medications I was taking. My family doctor recommended a combination of different hair shampoo’s but nothing seemed to work. Ms Grier recommended I try the Scalp Protection hair formula she sent me. I apply the Scalp Protection each and everyday and sometimes at bedtime. It is now May and the results are remarkable. The lesions have disappeared and my overall scalp and hair condition has people asking me “what have you done to your hair, it looks so healthy.” Being a man, you don’t know how much my confidence has been boosted due primarily to the use of the Scalp Protection cream prescribed by Ms Grier. If you are having a hair or scalp problem, I recommend you contact, Louticia Grier @ Diva’s Hidden Hair and get started with a remedy that I know will improve your hair and scalp because I know it works for me. Thanks

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