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Fresh and Easy Take Down Cream

Fresh & Easy Take Down Cream

Hair Care is Fresh & Easy!

There is nothing like discomfort in the salon chair. Most clients don’t address scalp discomfort but, it is a huge issue. Your job as a professional is to make your client as comfortable as you can.

Price: $7.50
Size: 8 fluid ounce bottle
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Get the old braids down and get the new style going! Time is MONEY! Children are fidgety by nature, so why make take downs a long and dreadful experience. Pain, irritation, pulling, tugging, leads to redness, inflammation and soreness and of course crying. None of the above is required for hair care; that’s a myth. Fresh & Easy erases another old cliché “No Pain No Gain”. All parents need to know that the impression we give our child about their hair care will follow them for the rest of their lives.

Fresh & Easy Take Down Cream Benefits

For Dry Relaxed Hair / Natural Dry Hair & Dry Scalp:

  • Great for ages 3 to young teens
  • Perfect for thick or thin hair
  • Makes taking down braids and locs a snap
  • Offers a detangling ingredient
  • Have great hair at any age!

For adults, this is the answer to that time-consuming take down process. Fresh & Easy Take Down Cream is the answer to fast and comfortable take downs.

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