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Her Beads Are To Heavy

Ladies can you imagine how hard it has to be to try and full a sleep with your hair beaded like this. And your scalp being so delicate. I am so sure her mom thought she was just making a pretty style for her baby. And not to mention the weight of each beaded braid. Ok let lets talk about this picture. I going to tell you what I know from being a hair replacement specialist for many many years. This little girls scalp is in great distress. This baby will loose her hair before she has a chance to grow a full head of hair. The hair follicles that hold the hair is not strong enough to hold that kind of weight just like her little body is not strong yet. Some mother are young and doing this and so are much older. I guess if you don’t know the harm it can cause it dos not matter what your age is. If you look close at the picture you can see this has been going on for some time. Her sides are very thin already. My point if this continues her hair follicles will become scared and will harden so the underneath cant grow out of the hair follicle. And that would be a shame for this baby to have hair for no good reason.

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