Protect Your Scalp, Nurture Your Hair + Fragrances

My New Hairline Base


  • Soft mesh & fabric material
  • Attach base to braided hair, then proceed to sew in the weave
  • Available in Black, Brown, Beige
  • Prices subject to change without notice


My New Hairline Base is the perfect option for clients who are experiencing hairline loss or have a high forehead. The material is durable, yet lightweight, soft, breathable and comfortable even for sensitive scalps. If your hairline is thinning or you have a high forehead and have not been able to achieve the look you are striving for, My New Hairline will give you the ability to achieve any hairstyle you desire for your hair weave. You will be pleased to know that you no longer have to start your weave far back on your head. You are absolutely going to love this new hairline base!

My New Hairline Base is handmade by Louticia Grier and styled for clients by Master Stylist Cecelia Johnson at A Diva’s Hidden Hair Manufacturer using a soft, yet durable mesh material for the base scalp area and soft stretchable band. This hairline base was manufactured for Cecelia who is Louticia’s daughter.

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Black, Brown, Beige


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