Kids Hair Care Products

Hair Care Products For Kids and Teens

You can have healthy hair at any age by using the correct hair care products and proper maintenance. This is especially true about kids and teens. A kid’s job is to have fun and play. It is the parents’ responsibility to look after their well-being which includes their appearance. Tweens and teens have their image to consider and in doing so, they often trade healthy hair for the latest hairstyle. Louticia Grier has hair care products to fit all ages for healthy hair.

Fresh & Easy Take Down Cream

Fresh & Easy Take Down CreamThere is nothing like discomfort in the salon chair. Most clients don’t address scalp discomfort but, it is a huge issue. Your job as a professional is to make your client as comfortable as you can.
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Kids Scalp Protection Shampoo

Kids Scalp Protection ShampooLouticia Grier’s Kids Scalp Protection Shampoo is specially formulated for children’s hair. This kid-friendly shampoo helps protects kids’ hair leaving them happy and healthy.
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Kids Scalp Protection Conditioner

Kids Scalp Protection ConditionerUse Louticia Grier’s Kids Scalp Protection Conditioner to take extra care of your little one’s sensitive hair and scalp. Now with even more organic ginger and peppermint root, this formula will condition…
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