Black Hair Care Tips For Hair Growth

Black Hair Care Tips For Hair Growth
No matter the race or hair texture, we all have our hair concerns. At our Uptown New York Style hair salon, we work with all hair types. So, we decided to share black hair care tips for women of color.

If you’re concerned about stunt growth, dry and dull hair or hair thinning, Cecelia Johnson’s black hair care tips will be helpful in maintaining your hair.

Black Hair Care Tips For Thinning Hair

Unfortunately, thinning hair affects women of all cultures. But for black women, it’s a common problem due to improper use of various hair treatments and hairstyle installations. Genetics also plays a huge role in how your hair grows.

In addition, women experience hair loss due to medication, aging, and stress. Aside from those factor, improper application of chemical hair products are also to blame for thinning hair. If you feel your hair is thinning at an abnormal rate, you should consult with your doctor immediately.

Common Ways To Encourage New Hair Growth

One of the ways to encourage new hair growth is to massage your scalp, which stimulates blood flow in the scalp. If your hair is thinning, it’s a good idea to avoid tension on the scalp such as not wearing braids.

Another suggestion is hair growth supplements. As with medication of any kind, you should always consult with your doctor first. Incorporating zinc and protein into your daily diet is another idea to encourage hair growth.

In fact, good health and a well-balanced nutritional diet can have a positive effect on hair growth, and your overall well-being.

At our Uptown New York Style Hair Salon in Solana Beach, we can offer advice to help you with any hair issues you may be experiencing. Additionally, we work with clients to find hairstyles that help disguise their hair loss.

Shampooing Frequency

Another great black hair care tip is the frequency of shampooing your hair. When hair begins to thin, many women of color avoid shampooing their hair on a regular basis. Once per week shampooing is ideal for black women as their hair does not hold oils like other hair types.

Shampooing too often can increase the likelihood of disturbing hair follicles, causing already detailed follicles to fall out. Thus, hair becomes more thin. On average, we lose 100 hairs a day from our scalp. This is due to simply playing with your hair, brushing or shampooing.

To learn more about how to promote healthy hair growth and avoid hair thinning, call us at (858) 794-6833. You can also book an appointment online.

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