Skin Base vs. Mono Base Hair Toppers

Skin Base vs. Mono Base Hair Toppers

The Differences Between Skin Base and Mono Base Hair Toppers

It’s important to know the differences between the skin base versus the mono base hair toppers. Each are designed to support specific needs and preferences. Let’s explore the nuances between these two base types for hair toppers.

Silk Base Toppers

Silk base toppers have a more lifelike connection to the scalp. For this reason, people cannot easily detect if it’s from an actual scalp. In short, this seamless integration is owed to the absence of flyaway looking hairs. These are the types of hairs that are found at the top of a wig.

These naturally occurring hairs are part of the wig making process. For example, when the hair is knotted onto the base. In the skin base, it ensures a natural, flawless appearance as it seamlessly conforms to the contours of your head.

However, skin base material is not really suited for accommodating high density hair. So, if it looks like you have more volume, then you might be more suited for the mono base topper.

Mono Base Toppers

Different from silk base, mono base toppers can still provide an equally impressive experience. And unlike the skin base, a mono base can excel in accommodating higher density hair. Moreover, it offers support for those who prefer more voluminous styles.

In addition, mono base products generally have returns on top (flyaway hairs). But because the returns are shorter, they are hidden at the roots of the hair. This gives more volume to the hair, as well as provides more support.

Compared to its counterpart, mono base products can also feature a thinner construction. As such, construction ensures versatility in styling options, and a seamless, undetectable appearance.

When it comes to skin base vs mono base hair toppers, if you prefer more volume, then go with the mono base.

Unique Strengths

Both bases have their unique strengths. Skin bases provide a really natural appearance. They are also ideal for those desiring an undetectable look. In contrast, mono bases offer increased flexibility and breathability in styling options.

Choosing between these to base types ultimately comes down to personal preferences. If you prefer an extremely natural looking appearance with a secure fit? The the skin top may be the ideal choice for you.

Or do you value the convenience of pre-cut layers? In this case, the mono base might be the perfect choice.

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