Tips For Wearing Wigs Every Day

Tips For Wearing Wigs Every Day
If you’re already wearing a wig every day, then you know about the convenience it offers. Whether it’s a human hair wig or synthetic, you can skip all of the styling time. Instead, you go straight to enjoying a pre-styled piece that holds the look all week long.

Tips For Wearing a Wig Every Day

Since you’re already an everyday wig wearer, you no doubt have picked up many tricks along the way. But here are a few more tips and tricks that help you have a better experience with wearing wigs daily.

1. Wear a wig cap

Wearing a wig cap is important for several reasons. First, it keeps your wig clean and secure on your head. And second, it provides a more comfortable wig wearing experience. Plus, since they are reusable, you simply wash it and let it dry over night.

You may think that if you don’t have hair that you don’t need to wear a wig cap. Wrong. In fact, the more of a buffer you can create between the oils on your scalp and the wig the better.

2. Shampoo your wig reguarly

Particularly for human hair wigs, you need to treat it as though it were your own hair. Oils from your skin and sweat causes build-up in the strands. But you shouldn’t shampoo it every day, just frequently. Of course, the frequency will depend on if you actually are wearing the same wig every day and how much you sweat.

3. Properly store your wig

As with just about anything you wear, proper care is crucial to ensure its longevity. As such, if you wear your wig daily, shake it out and place it on a wig head or wig stand. And don’t forget to store it in a dry, cool place.

4. Use a wide tooth comb

While you may be accustomed to brushing your natural hair, round brushes or paddle brushes may not be the best tools for wigs. If your wig needs a touch-up at some point in the day, use a wide tooth comb instead. Also, a loop brush can be used.

5. Don’t sleep in your wig

You should never sleep in your wig. Not only can it cause damage to the wig, but your scalp also needs time to breathe. Sleeping in delicate wigs like lace front will greatly reduce the life span of your wig.

6. Change up your wig

Think of your wigs as your shoes. Unless you’re in the military or organization with a strict dress code, you don’t wear the same shoes every day. So, it’s a good idea to have at least two wigs that you can rotate out. That way, you don’t over-wear one and risk damaging it. This will also reduce shampoo frequency.

So, remember that with proper care, your wig will stay viable for its expected lifetime or even longer.

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