Products Instructions: My Pretty Tails

Louticia is demonstrating how to use her product My Pretty Tails. She designed My Pretty Tails to help reduce hair loss at an early age. In some cases our little girls are loosing their hair at a young age from excessive tension on their little hair follicles.

Beauty should not hurt! If your head hurts, it’s because your hair is braided too tightly, or you have too much extension hair added. In either situation, this doesn’t bode well for the future of your hairline. Some braiders may tell you to take an aspirin and the pain should be gone by morning, but any pain is an indicator that something is wrong.

When this is repeated over and over again in some cases the hair is lost permanently.She also has a product line for children, Scalp Protection for children. This product line helps to heal and protect the scalp so your little darlings can have a healthy scalp and a full head of hair.

Give your child a chance to have a beautiful head of hair by not having excessive tension on her very tender scalp. This is so important for her self esteem as she grows up to a beautiful women. Louticia Grier