What Women Should Understand About Men’s Hair Loss

What Women Should Understand About Men's Hair Loss
There are so many misconceptions about men’s hair loss; actually hair loss in general. Almost every man will experience some form of hair loss in their lifetime and many women feel it’s just a normal part of life and natural thing for all men. Because most men suffer in silence, most women never really grasp how men feel about it or understand men’s hair loss.

Male Pattern Baldness or Androgenic Alopecia?

This type of pattern baldness is called Androgenic Alopecia whether you’re a male or female. Most times, hair loss is attributed to genetics – well, that’s partly true. besides, it affects many people, including children.

Men’s hair loss is experienced differently than women’s hair loss. Men’s hair loss tend to be more dramatically along their temples which pushes towards the crown. In some men, this pushing forward results in the entire top of the head is hairless. Women’s hair loss tend to appear as an overall thinning of their crown or a widening of their part.

For both men and women, when balding happens in another patter, it’s usually to be another type of hair loss.

Men’s Hair Loss Experience

Essentially, about 95% of all men’s hair loss is considered Androgenic Alopecia. Occasionally, an otherwise healthy man may refer to his hair loss as another type, but it’s not very common. Conversely, Androgenic Alopecia is very common.

The most recent most accepted statistics:

 25% of men begin to experience male pattern baldness before they turn 21
 66% of men experience a degree of hair loss before the age of 35
 85% of all men have thinning hair before their 50th birthday

Those are pretty high statistics, but that doesn’t make the commonality any less worrisome for men experiencing hair loss.

What Women Should Understand About Men’s Hair Loss

Regardless how common men’s hair loss is, they are not going to be happy about it. In fact, most men feel debilitated by their hair loss as they link their virility to their hair under the assumption that’s how most people view them.

Just like women worry about grey hairs and gaining weight, men absolutely hate hair loss; possibly even more so.

It’s unfortunate then, that most women don’t know this about the men in their life or their partners. Women don’t make the connection between men’s hair loss and their masculinity and simply assume it is the natural order of things.

Guess what? There is something that can be done about men’s hair loss. We should know; custom hair replacement is our business and we would love to make sure you don’t have to continue to suffer in silence.

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