Winter Fitness: Exercising Indoors During Winter When You Can’t Go Outdoors

Winter Fitness: Exercising Indoors During Winter When You Can't Go Outdoors
One of the best ways to improve mood and keep up our vitamin D levels is getting sun exposure. Even spending time outdoors in winter improves concentration. But going for a walk or run isn’t always an option.

In fact, outdoor exercising like running in extremely frigid temperatures can be dangerous. Particularly if there’s darkness, ice, or rain involved. Moreover, injuries increase in winter and knees are usually the most commonly injured body part.

So, sometimes exercising indoors during winter is just safer. You’ll still get your winter fitness dose of breaking a sweat. When the great outdoors isn’t cooperating with your training, opt for exercising indoors during winter instead.

01. Exercising Indoors During Winter Workouts

If you have access to a flight of stairs try running the steps. Many buildings, including your office environment leave access to the building’s stairs. This exercise may seem simple, but it will challenge your glute and quad muscles. Not only that, but it will also improve the amount of oxygen your body can use in a minute.

You can even use the stairs at your gym, apartment or home. Run up the flight of stairs as fast as you can. Jog or walk down. Then, repeat the set by sprinting back up again. Without taking a break, see how many flights of stairs you can do.

If you haven’t excised for a while, running the stairs may feel like a bit much. In this case, you can walk the stairs which also enhances overall wellbeing. Either way, you’ll get in your winter fitness while safely exercising indoors during winter.

02. Invest In Weights For Winter Fitness

Unlike Southern California, winter season can be brutal in some parts of the country. So, if you’re stuck at home, you need to get creative with your winter workouts. This can include investing in light, 8 to 15 pound weights.

Although using weights is a great option, they’re not entirely necessary. There are many apps you can use that provide workouts you can select based on difficulty. Of course, not everyone wants to use their television or phone for all their indoor exercises. In this case, you can repeat sets of pushups, squats, and jumping jacks.

03. Household Chores Physical Activity

While some people don’t perceive household chores to be a physical activity; they really are. In fact, there are many household chores that are just as physical as traditional exercise. For instance, vacuuming is definitely a good workout. Particularly, if you have a large house or apartment.

04. Do Stretches

If your legs feel sore or tired, you can give them a rest while still getting your winter fitness in. This is actually a good time to start stretching your body. Even walking around inside of an indoor mall or large marketplace like Ikea or Costco is good exercise. Not only that, but it will also help you loosen up your muscles.

Not being able to exercise outdoors can give avid runners anxiety. But remember, one day will not make or break your routine. Besides, indoor exercising and stretching lets you engage other muscles that might get overlooked during your regular routine.