Cranial Hair Prosthesis Wig

prosthesis wig
Cranial Hair Prosthesis Wig with textured hair…WOW! What this means for millions of women around the world who loved their hair texture but, to the unfortunate fight with a life threatening illness, their hair was sacrificed and their self-esteem pays dearly. Beauty maven and hair loss replacement specialist Louticia Grier has designed the most luxurious textured hair prosthesis in the industry. As the Rolls Royce of custom wigs, Louticia’s new collection brings the client the “Mane” factor. Having a mane is what every woman wants.

What Louticia understands that most wig manufactures don’t get; is that is losing your hair is not the most devastating, it is having to wrap your mind around starting your life again, going to school after everyone knows what you’ve been through. That’s why it’s so important that you invest in yourself recovery and children need a little more attention in this area.

I want children of color to enjoy the hair they lost. It isn’t any fun to lose your hair or to wear a wig you don’t like.

When Louticia first started her textured hair project for A Diva’s Hidden Hair, she was thrilled with the idea that she could possibly erase this horrible experience altogether for millions of women, men and children and if she could actually give people loc styles and natural curly textured styles, what an incredible life-changing experience she could offer to hair loss suffers. It’s not so much about length, it’s about thickness and the fullness that the fountain of youth is synonymous with. Louticia Grier has succeeded in creating Cranial Hair Prosthesis with textured hair that is both cutting-edge and so fashion forward. Little girls can enjoy ponytails, the blow-dried look and even women can now enjoy strong curl patterns that can be flat-ironed to look high fashion one day and twisted another.