Betty-Custom Hair System

custom hair system

Betty is a client of A Diva’s Hidden Hair beauty salon in Solana Beach, CA. Betty’s “custom hair system” is made with 100% European hair and is designed by Louticia Grier. As a “Custom Hair Systems” Specialist, Louticia has simplified many women’s lives with her “custom hair systems” and many of her clients feel she has enhanced their quality of life.

Betty is thoroughly enjoying her new hair system. She is very pleased with the softness of texture and absolutely tickled that the color is matched perfectly to her nature hair color. Betty was filled with anticipation during her hair solution consultation and impressed with Louticia’s knowledge and online media regarding hair loss. She is delighted with her Diva system and wearing her hair in styles she never believed would be possible (and certainly weren’t with the inferior systems she previously used). She feels more confident and is self-assured and free to allow the wind to blow through her hair.

As is the situation with many women as they mature, Betty’s hair was thinning. The thought of becoming bald was frightening and the possibility of having to wear a wig was a less than ideal solution. Betty was referred to Diva’s hair systems by a previous happy client.

A Diva’s Hidden Hair is not a hair franchise run by businessmen who are simply interested in the bottom line. Louticia genuinely cares about her clients and is very interested in helping you look and feel your best. Call Louticia Grier today at (858) 259-6833 for your free hair system consultation and get an authentic “hair replacement system”, not the mass-produced system the other companies offer to their clients.