Hats with Hair Attached

Hats with Hair Attached by Louticia Grier
Spring and summer bring on new challenges with what to do with your (lack of) hair. You want to be and feel free while enjoying the sunny outdoors.

However, hair loss doesn’t need to be challenging, even during warm and hot climates.

Almost any time of the year, it’s socially acceptable to wear hats. After all, we need to protect our scalp and body skin from harmful sun UV rays.

Wearing Hats with Hair Attached

Many people are working from home during this COVID-19 pandemic. But you’ll still need to run errands such as the grocery store and other places. And you’ll want to look nice in spite of having to wear a facial mask.

So, what better way to quickly get dolled up than to wear hats with hair attached! You’ll be wearing a fashionable hat with gorgeous, pre-styled hair. Additionally, it’s not at all unusual to leave your hat on indoors. Especially in casual restaurants and while shopping in stores.

For the ladies considering going natural, you can wear our hats with hair until you decide.

Louticia Grier is always looking out for clients. And these fashionable hats are just one of the many ways she keeps clients looking their best. No matter the circumstances.

With the change of several hair hats, you can have a cute wardrobe. And if your hair is thinning, our hats with hair attached create the illusion that you have a full head of hair.

If you wear a wig, like many beautiful women do, getting it to look and fit just right can sometimes become a project. There’s the clips, glue, wig cap, hair products and wig. Then, you spend hours washing, attaching and styling it.

For this reason, sometimes you just want to wear a hat. Plus, a hat is a stylishly acceptable, ready-to-wear look.

Wearing Hats with Hair

Louticia offers hats in a number of styles, hair colors and lengths. It’s warm weather now, and hats made of thick, heavy materials, will only make you warmer. But not our hats. They are made of breathable, soft material.

For the woman on the go who wants a ready-to-wear alternative with no styling needed, check out our hats with hair!

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