Best Weaving Net For Hair Sew-Ins

Best Weaving Net For Hair Sew-Ins
While there are various weaving nets on the market, they are not all quality. Conversely, “My New Hairline Base” is the best weaving net for sew-ins. And by now, you know that your hair is your crowning glory. Thus, protecting it is important.

Hair extensions can change how people feel about themselves. They have a more positive outlook. But, what if those feelings turn negative because the extensions damaged your hair? No worries, because damage to your hair can be prevented by using the best weaving net on the market.

Why Is My New Hairline Base The Best Weaving Net?

Many clients have come to us after attempting to remove their extensions. To their dismay, they discover unnecessary hair breakage due to sew ins by other stylists. If the best weaving net is not used, you can experience dry scalp and brittle hair from using extensions.

As it happens, that’s where “My New Hairline Base” net come in. It serves as a protective barrier between the extension weft and your natural hair.

But, what is a weaving net?

Simply stated, instead of attaching the extensions directly to your braided hair, we attach them to the weaving net. And, we go a step further. The weaving net is custom fitted to your head. Therefore, it eliminates bulging and keeps everything in place.

The moment you decide to wear a weave, you should ask for the best weaving net.

Reasons Why You Should Wear A Net For Hair Weaves

Many women, and men too, are yet to be convenience about the weave net essence. So, below are a few reasons why you should consider a weave net. Especially if you prefer the sew-in method.

  • In addition to protecting your hair from damage, it also provides styling versatility.
  • It creates a barrier between your natural hair and the threads used to attach the wefts. Essentially, your hair is less strained. And remember, traditionally, the welts are sewn directly to the braids.
  • Your natural hair is protected from breakage. This is particularly true if you have thin hair. But remember, you still need to take good care of your own hair.
  • Sew-ins are nice and flat. The key to having a great weave style is in making the hairstyle look natural. When the results are flat and smooth looking, no one can tell whether it’s your hair or a weave.
  • Installations take less time to complete. Commonly, the sew-in method takes more time when sewn directly to the braids. But when a weaving net is used, the installation time is significantly reduced.

California is now in it’s second coronavirus shutdown. For a short period, hair salons were allowed to reopen. During our reopen, we witnessed first hand the positive impact of using the best weaving net. Our “My New Hairline Base” custom net prevented clients hair from sliding back from their forehead. And although it had been three months, clients were ecstatic with the weaving net results. Albeit, definitely ready to get their hair done :).

Our custom weave nets are available for purchase online. Or you can also purchase from our hair salon.

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