Louticia Grier’s Stylish Hats with Hair

Louticia Grier's Stylish Hats with Hair
Louticia Grier’s stylish hats with hair collection is ideal for everyday wear and even for concealing hair loss. Need to jet out and don’t have time to style your hair? No problem. Louticia Grier’s hats with hair is exactly what it sounds like: hats with hair already sewn in.

And, the great thing is that these hats with hair are available in a number of styles and a full range of hair colors. Also, you can customize your own. Do you have a favorite hat you want transformed? No problem! Just send us an email and upload the photo of your hat. Let us know the style and texture of hair you desire. Of course, a consultation is recommended to ensure the perfect hair thickness, length, and color.

Hats with Hair Attached for Chemo Patients

Hats with Hair for Chemo Patients

Louticia’s hats with hair attached are a stylish option that offers exceptional convenience and comfort for chemo patients. We’re all about innovative, convenience, and comfortable style.

We often get feedback from women experiencing cancer that their store bought wig feels are too painful. Our hats with hair attached are unrestrictive and comfortable for chemo patients.

Experiencing hair loss is enough in itself to deal with. We want you to look and feel beautiful, no matter your hair circumstance. So, if you need help dealing with hair loss, our unique baseball caps and hats with hair are a stylish chemo hat solution.

Hair is a significant part of many women’s identities. And, losing it to cancer treatment can be a distressing experience for women undergoing chemotherapy. Oftentimes, health insurance does not cover the cost of a wig. Well, not the complete cost if you’re going for the most natural look. They can range upwards of $2000. However, many women cancer patients may not have funds to shell out for one in between health care bills and other costs.

That’s why Louticia not only made her hats with hair affordably priced, but they’re also high-quality, and stylish.

Hats with Hair Attached

Louticia’s hats for women with hair attached are made using 100% human hair. And, they’re available in a multitude of different hair textures and colors. The hair is permanently sewn to the hat creating a ready-to-wear look. So, no styling is needed!

The hats and caps also come in a variety of colors and materials, including cotton and suede.

At A Diva’s Hidden Hair Manufacturer, we believe every woman experiencing hair loss from chemotherapy should have access to high-quality hair products. And, she should feel confident and beautiful during the recovery process.