Menopause and Hair Loss


A Woman’s Issue

Of course menopause is a certainty and a future that awaits all women who live to see it. But, do women have to lose hair during this trying time? My answer is NO! First, let’s understand why black women are so prone to hair lost to begin with. The scalp for the most part, is a very supple area with fatty tissue with a tremendous amount of blood flow. The scalp’s natural growth and self-sustaining system is interrupted lost during many years of relaxing. Just think, if you started relaxing when you’re ten by the time a you reach 50 years of age your follicles have had forty years of chemical exposure.

A head of hair from the pre-relaxer years is more vibrant than a head of hair after many years of relaxing. That’s the first part, the second part is the ESTROGEN factor. Did you know estrogen aids in keeping hair on your head full of thick and vibrant hair? When that special time comes and the estrogen begins leaving your body approximately around the age of thirty your scalp with start to need extra attention from you. This problem may not affect every woman but if it happens to you immediately stop applying harsh chemicals such as no-lye or lye based relaxers and permanent dyes. However, all women approaching menopause should speak to their OB/GYN about hormone replacement products or other alternative like minerals and other supplements to avoid nutrition issues. Supplements help to keep everything working harmoniously.

Unfortunately, the industry as a whole does not cater to women as an exclusive hair loss group and have not furnished many alternatives for those who are entering into menopause. I have watched many women’s hair get progressively thinner prior to menopause, complete balding however does not have to occur. Women must begin doing some things differently in their early thirties. The top three recommended steps to take are: Reframed from harsh chemicals and if you must use them use a scalp protection by Louticia Grier. She developed a scalp protection system that heals and protects at the same time. Your scalp will feel so much more comfortable after have a chemical treatment.