Proper Scalp Care When Wearing A Wig

Proper Scalp Care When Wearing A Wig
If you haven’t learned about proper scalp care when wearing a wig, you may already be experiencing scalp issues. But proper scalp care doesn’t just apply to wearing a wig. It also pertains to hair systems and weaves.

So, essentially, any type of hair piece that is worn on your scalp for long periods of time. As women, we all love experimenting with fashion and style, particularly hair. And when the holidays roll around, no one wants to spend hours fiddling with their hair.

For this reason and others, wigs are a great alternative that let you look fabulous in half the time. But as you try on different styles, it’s important to take care of your scalp and natural hair.

Scalp Care When Wearing A Wig

Health and healing of your body is promoted by adequate food flow which provides nutrients. Thus, a good blood flow to your scalp encourages hair growth as well as keep it healthy. Given that a wig can reduce blood flow, scalp massages help bring blood to the scalp.

However, your wig should never be so tight that it hurts or that your scalp can’t breathe. If it does, then that’s an indication of the wrong wig size.

Proper scalp care when wearing a wig will help you avoid severe dandruff and dry scalp. Not to mention, hair loss. These are just three side effects of wearing a wig. A tree oil mixed with a carrier oil will provide an anti-fungal moisturizing solution.

Keep Your Scalp and Hair Clean

Regularly washing and conditioning your hair will keep your scalp and hair clean. It will also help prevent bacteria buildup and breakage. Because failure to cleanse your scalp and hair leads to the accumulation of dead skin cells. Then your scalp and hair will have an undesirable smell.

Albeit we’re heading into winter, sweating during hot summer days can also cause problems. As we all know, sweat is a combination of natural salts and water. But excessive sweating on the scalp can damage your hair and even change its texture.

Given these points, you might suspect that sweating can affect your wig. And you are correct. But more importantly, excessive sweating causes scalp irritation, hair loss, and stunts hair growth. Consequently, it’s vital to keep your scalp and hair clean under your wig.

In addition to scalp and hair cleanliness, they both require moisture. So, a good shampoo and conditioner will prevent drying and promote good scalp and hair health. And if you’re wearing a wig cap, definitely remember to moisturize as often as necessary.

If your hair is wet or damp, avoid putting on a wig. Not only can it cause hair breakage, but it’s also uncomfortable. In addition, it creates an environment for bacteria to breed. How? Because damp or wet hair causes the growth of mildew and germs.

Let Your Scalp and Hair Breathe

Whether wearing a wig, weave or hair system, you must allow your scalp to breathe. For instance, make sure you remove your wig before going to bed. You can also not wear it while you’re relaxing at home.

For weaves and hair systems, take a break and wear your natural hair for a few months. I know what you’re thinking – “now everyone will know it wasn’t my hair”. Well, would you prefer healthy scalp and hair or you’re more concerned about what Wilma and Betty are saying. Your choice.

Healthy scalp and hair when wearing a hair piece is very important. Book your natural hair care appointment today by calling (619) 820-0290.