Scratching Your Scalp With Fingernails? Here’s What Happens To Your Scalp

Scratch Scalp With Fingernails
Scratching is a natural reaction to an itchy scalp. But, when you scratch your scalp with fingernails it can cause your scalp and hair to become unhealthy and damaged.

When you have an itchy scalp, it’s a huge relief when you stop that itch. Whether you use a brush, your fingernails, or a comb, you just want the itching to be alleviated. Sadly, that relief is only temporary. And worst, you’re causing long-term damage to your scalp and hair.

Here’s What Happens When You Scratch Your Scalp With Fingernails

The outside of each hair strand is covered in cuticle scales, akin to scales on a fish. The back-and-forth scratching action chips away at the protective cuticle. This weakens the hair and makes it more likely to break.

And the worst thing to do is scratch your scalp with your fingernails. You risk scraping and cutting your scalp every time. This can cause your scalp to become inflamed and even get infected. It will be as painful and irritating as a cut anywhere else on the body. It can also be more difficult to treat these cuts and scapes if they’re covered by hair.

Constant scratching can lead to wounds and scabs, further damaging your scalp. The scalp can also become dry as the outer layer of skin becomes weak and lacks moisture. Scratching leaves your hair weak and your scalp vulnerable.

Our Scalp Protection Shampoo is designed to strengthen hair with every wash, leaving your hair strong, thick and visibly flake free.

Louticia Grier's Scalp Protection Shampoo

What Causes An Itchy Scalp?

Mostly commonly, an itchy scalp is caused by dandruff. It’s how your body responds when irritants bother the scalp. Your body sheds the top layer of skin on the scalp rapidly. As long as your scalp is irritated, the shedding continues. This causes the scalp to become dry and itchy.

How To Get Rid Of An Itchy Scalp Fast Without Using Fingernails

The right treatment for an itchy scalp is to use a shampoo that:

  1. tackles the root cause of the itch; dandruff
  2. calms your scalp to relieve itch

Our Scalp Protection Shampoo contains eucalyptus which works on contact to give cooling relief. Plus, it’s a powerful protection from dandruff. With regular use, it tackles the root cause of scalp itch, leaving you feeling comfortable and soothe.

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