The Definitive Guide On How To Secure A Wig

The Definitive Guide On How To Secure A Wig
It’s a known fact that a woman wearing a wig is afraid it will fall off. And who wants that to happen? Wigs sliding off, blowing off, getting ripped off, and falling off are number one concerns of wig wearers worldwide.

Knowing how to secure your wig properly will make you feel more confident while wearing it. Albeit there are many ways to secure a wig, not all methods are desired by every woman. This article is about how to secure a wig using premium wig tape.

How To Secure A Wig With Wig Tape

Wig tape is a double-sided tape that adheres to your skin on one side and the inside of your wig edges. It’s actually the most preferred way to secure a wig. This is because you’re nearly guaranteed that your wig won’t fall off. We say ‘nearly’ because it needs to be put on properly. So, we can’t guarantee that you’ll do it correctly, but we can guarantee that our stylists will.

Many celebrities know how to secure a wig with double-sided wig tape. However, their stylists does it for them. Even so, wig tape works, which is why entertainers and Hollywood professionals prefer it above other application methods.

A word of caution though. If you wear a wig on top of natural hair, make absolutely sure that the tape doesn’t touch your hair. Instead, secure your hair with a wig cap to ensure it doesn’t come in contact with the tape. This is because wig tape can pull out hairs when you remove it. Even though it’s one of the most effective methods of securing a wig, it’s not worth damaging your hair.

How To Use Wig Tape

#1. Put rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball and gently wipe it along your hairline. This not only cleanses your skin, but it also removes oils that could prevent the tape from sticking to your skin.

#2. To prevent the wig tape from damaging your skin, apply a thing layer of liquid band-aid below your hairline. Make sure to not use the same cotton ball in #1. Instead, use a clean, new one. For women who exercise wearing their wig or has sensitive skin, this step is particularly important.

#3. Our tape already come as strips. But if yours is on a roll, then cut the tape into several strips. Peel away one side of the paper from the tape. Next, place each strip on the perimeter of your hairline. Make sure to start at the front of your head and work towards the nape of your neck.

4. Remove the paper from the front strip. Place the front of the wig along the exposed piece of tape and press firmly to secure.

5. Working from front to back, remove the tape one strip at a time. Then, press the wig onto the exposed tape. Make sure you pull the wig firmly as you attach it to each section of the tape.

Tape vs. Glue

Is how to secure a wig with tape better than securing a wig with glue? And which one is easier to use?

Tape. Tape is easy to apply and is not messy. If you mess up during the application process, it’s easier to remove the tape than it is to wash off glue.

Glue. Glue can look as natural as tape. However, beginners risk leaving part of the tape visible. On the other hand, glue dries clear, but generally has a scent.

Of these two application methods, how to secure a wig is your personal preference. Also, they both have an equally strong hold because they come in a range of strengths. For example, from a light grip that is good for sensitive scalps. To a tight grip that is ideal for people who exercise wearing their wig.

But, neither application method is recommended if you like to remove your wig during the day. Some people do that to swap it out for a different look or to cool down. In this case, you should use bobby pins or wig clips to temporarily secure your wig.

Both tape and glue will require a great deal of effort for such short periods. Furthermore, removing and reapplying tape or glue too often can irritate your edges.

Where can you find premium wig tape? If it’s not yet in our online store, give us a call at (619) 820-0290. You can also visit our hair salon in Solana Beach for pick up. Or, we can ship to you.