Why Are Young People Trending With Gray Hair?

Why Are Young People Trending With Gray Hair?
More and more young people are trending with gray hair to resemble that of an older generation. Inevitably, everyone will get gray hairs at some stage of our lives. Although, for anyone of an advancing age, watching your hair turn into a gray crown is not that appealing. So, many people dye their hair to hide the gray.

For several years now, gray hair has become a fashion trend. And not just among celebrities like Lady Gaga and Ariana Granda, but also every day people.

So what gives?

Most likely, it’s because our older generation is embracing their natural progression of gray. Women in particular have become more comfortable with themselves. So younger women are emulating the look because they think it looks stunning.

It’s amazing how a little self-confidence can inspire those around you, isn’t it?

Young People Are Fascinated With Gray Hair

Going gray naturally happens when the pigment cells in your hair change. Hair produces shades of gray when the color fades and your hair turns transparent. But today’s young people are actually wanting gray hair now. So, they are seeking out salons with expert colorists to change their hair color to gray.

Is The Gray Hair Trend Here To Stay?

For decades, both men and women have visited the salon to cover up their gray hair. But the irony that gray has become a trend is a relief for people who aren’t ecstatic about their hair turning gray.

Another reason behind the trend is self-empowerment. Because gray hair has always been associated with one’s age, people felt the need to cover it up. But over the past few years, society has started to acknowledge beauty transcends age. To put it differently, even when hair color starts to fade, women are still sexy and glamorous.

In fact, if you’re experiencing hair loss and want to keep your gray, Louticia Grier has made a line of custom gray prosthesis wigs. Not only can you still look as beautiful as you truly are, but you can style these wigs however you like.

Young People Trending With Gray Hair

While on the subject of wigs, the younger generation aren’t just dying their hair gray. Many young people, particularly women are actually opting for gray hair lace wigs. And they look so beautiful and stylish wearing them too.

How Easy Is It To Dye Hair Gray?

If you’re interested in giving silver a try, there are a few things you should know first. Most likely, you’ll need to dye your hair to get the look and silver is more easily achieved by blondes than other hair colors.

When done on a long-term basis, bleaching could damage your hair. But you could try the gray look for a season. Just know though that naturally dark brown hair will be difficult to maintain a gray color and healthy hair at the same time.

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