Why Your Hair is Constantly Shedding

Why Your Hair is Constantly Shedding
If you’re wanting to know why your hair is constantly shedding, let’s start here. Shedding takes place when we comb, style, and wash our hair. Essentially, we lose about 100 hairs a day.

Want to know how to tell the different between a broken hair and shedded hair? Ok, it’s simple. If you notice a tiny white bulb at the end of your strands, that’s hair that shed. The bulb means the hair has gone through a complete cycle of growth and as a result has fallen out.

If you going through a shedding phase, here are three reasons why your hair is constantly shedding.

01. Stress

Anxiety and stress can play a big role in affecting your hair. Changes in your body’s physiological functions like lack of appetite or irregular sleep, can be signs of stress. So, your body may react to that stress by prematurely speeding up your hair’s resting phase, resulting in shedding. That said, be sure to assess your stress levels and try to keep it to a bare minimum.

02. Moisture and Protein Imbalance

If you’re a moisture fanatic; deep conditioning and moisturizing your hair excessively, this can be why your hair is constantly shedding. Using too much moisture in your weekly routine can throw off your moisture protein balance.

Actually, too much moisture can weaken your hair follicles. Thus, speeding up the shedding cycle. Protein plays a huge role as it strengthens and fortifies your follicles and hair. The key is balance.

03. Not Enough or Lack of Vitamins

Your vitamin intake is essential to preventing excessive shedding. Protein (meat, nuts, cheese), calcium (milk, broccoli), and iron (spinach, red meat) are vital in preventing shedding. They enrich our blood, and ensure proper hair growth. So, eat well and take supplements.

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