Toddler Curly Hair Products

Toddler Curly Hair Products
If your toddler has kinky curly hair, as moms we all look for toddler curly hair products. And for new moms, that’s stressful, even when it comes to taking care of their hair. If your toddler has curly hair you understand the struggle of trying to keep it moisturized. Especially when it’s prone to dryness or finding ways to style their hair.

We’re here to help and give you some tips to make dealing with your toddler’s hair a little easier. Read on for our tips for toddler curly hair products.

Detangling Your Toddler’s Hair

Kinky or curly toddlers can often have tangles and knots in their hair. It’s important that you detangle their hair to prevent breakage. You can use “Fresh and Easy Takedown Cream” and a wide tooth comb. It’s one of the best toddler curly hair products on the market.

Fresh & Easy Take Down Cream

Also, a soft bristle brush works well to brush away tangles gently if you don’t have a wide tooth comb. But, NEVER detangle your toddler’s hair while it’s dry. You can also detangle while in the bath by applying Fresh and Easy Takedown Cream. Just add equal parts water and the cream in a spray bottle, and spray on the hair. And again, gently brush away the tangles with a wide tooth comb or soft bristle brush.

How Often Should I Wash My Toddler’s Hair?

Toddlers with kinky or curly hair have coarser hair that is more prone to drying and breakage. To help prevent this, wash your toddler’s hair with shampoo only once a week.

Louticia Grier’s Kid’s Scalp Protection Shampoo is a gentle shampoo that cleanses your toddler hair and scalp. Follow up with the Kid’s Scalp Protection Conditioner to keep their hair ultra soft and moisturized.

Styling Your Toddler’s Hair with Toddler Curly Hair Products

Louticia Grier, A Diva’s Hidden Hair Manufacturer CEO, has created an amazing tutorial on how she styles her toddlers’ hair. You can watch it below for some style inspiration as well as a few more helpful tips!

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