Benefits Of A Net Cap For Weave Sew Ins

Benefits Of A Net Cap For Weave Sew Ins
At A Diva’s Hidden Hair Manufacturer in Solana Beach, we specialize in protective styles. And, needless to say, we recommend using a net cap for weave sew ins. Don’t know what a net cap is? Well, it’s not a ball cap, and definitely not the net cap worn by your school’s lunch lady.

Our My New Hairline Base net cap used for weave sew-ins are made of a nylon base and elastic band. They are quite breathable and comfortable on the scalp. We sew it onto your braided natural hair.

Benefits of a net cap for weave sew ins

Here are just a few benefits of using a net cap for weave sew ins. And, why this process is so important.

1. A net cap provides the needed foundation for your hairstyle. The net cap for weave sew-ins provides a barrier between your hair and the thread and tracks. Essentially, this technique alleviates stress on your natural hair. For more dated methods, the tracks are sewn directly onto your braids.

2. If your hair is not as thick as it once was, the cap will provide sufficient coverage for your desired hairstyle. Plus, it prevents further damage to your hair. Keep in mind though, that we believe the health of your hair is most important. We’re more concerned with your hair health than the next trending hairstyle.

3. Our “My New Hairline Base” net cap provides a longer life span for your hairstyle. It truly makes a difference. Your hairstyle can last an estimated two to three weeks longer.

4. The answer to a fantastic sew-in is its flatness. Of course, we all want our sew-ins to look as flawless as possible. “My New Hairline Base” net cap produces a flat foundation that results in no bumps.

5. Adaptable. Our net cap affords you versatility in hairstyles. Because it helps protect your hair from additional stress, you’re able to continue getting beautiful styles without worry.

Ready for your sew in with our fabulous “My New Hairline Base”? Call (919) 820-0290 for your complementary consultation, or schedule online.

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