Here’s What Bad Haircare Ingredients Is Doing To Your Hair

Here's What Bad Haircare Ingredients Is Doing To Your Hair
No one likes to think they’re using products with bad haircare ingredients. Particularly if they smell good and has high sales volume. After all, if tons of people are buying them, they must be ok, right? No, not necessarily. In fact, product scents and company high sales volume doesn’t mean those products are good for your hair.

Ideally, every beauty company strives to make the best products possible. But we all have to look out for own hair and exert common sense. With this in mind, the golden rule of haircare and skincare is that, ‘ingredients matter’.

Consequently, when selecting these types of products, it’s essential to understand what makes them harmful or beneficial to your hair.

The Effects of Bad Haircare Ingredients On Your Hair

Yes, we know you love how that relaxer takes your coils from kinky to straight. Or how that fabulous London red color does so much for your mousy brown hair. But ladies, your scalps are crying out for mercy.

We’re not saying that bad haircare ingredients are in all products that change the look and texture of your hair. But they are most definitely in some of them. Do you know if sulfate-free is better for your hair? And what are your thoughts on fragranced products? Is fragrance considered one of the bad haircare ingredients?

If you’ve read negative reviews about the above ingredients or others, remember, we’re in the age of the influencer. Good or bad review, people tend to follow it. But consider this. The reason certain ingredients don’t work for one hair is what makes them successful for another.

So again, you’ll need to exert common sense in selecting and choosing to use chemical products on your hair. We know that ultimately, people will do what they want with their hair. And given that our clients know that Louticia Grier is a hair whisperer, they just figure she can repair it. But why treat your hair so bad to begin with?

Moreover, when applied incorrectly, chemicals such as relaxers and dyes can cause hair loss. If you ‘must’ use these products, please have a professional stylist perform the service for you.

So, do you want to know about the notoriously bad haircare ingredients? Ok, let’s check them out.

Bad Haircare Ingredients, Sulfates

01. Sulfates

Sulfates have had a bad reputation since the 1990’s. Someone started a rumor that they can cause cancer. Maybe they read it somewhere, and so they regurgitated it to others. After a few rounds of that, it sort of morphed into some form of truth. But there’s no scientific evidence that sulfates cause cancer.

Obviously, we all hope that’s not true because it’s common in our daily lives. Household products such as detergents and cleaners contain sulfates. And they are usually found in shampoo where’s it used to create a lathering effect.

While sulfates may not cause cancer when used in haircare products, it does cause dryness and irritation. In essence, they strip your scalp and hair of its natural oils. So if you already have sensitive skin, it can cause further irritation.

It’s not completely considered to be one of the bad haircare ingredients though. Given that its lather efficiently cleans your hair, shampoos with sulfates for normal skin and hair is probably ok to use. However, a sulfate-free shampoo is more beneficial for those with sensitive skin or prone to eczema.

Silicone in Haircare Products

02. Silicon

From shampoos to finishing creams, silicones are prevalent. Because they can boost shine and tame frizz, silicones are popular. But it can be considered one of the bad haircare ingredients. Reason being is that it can build up in your hair. As a result, your hair becomes dull and dry. Additionally, the buildup can cause clogged follicles. And this leads to hair loss.

Parabens Bad Haircare Ingredients

03. Parabens

On the negative side, in high concentrations, parabens can be an endocrine disruptor. They are linked to cancer, and cause skin irritation in people with conditions such as eczema.

However, according to the FDA, the amount of parabens found in haircare products is not harmful to humans. As a group of chemicals, they preserve the integrity of the haircare product solution. Otherwise, pathogens like bacteria and mold would start to grow. Parabens are used in high water content products like conditioners and shampoos.

If you’re uncomfortable with the speculations about parabens linked to cancer, avoid using them. There are actually lots of shampoos available that don’t contain parabens.

There are more products with bad haircare ingredients that just the three listed above. But listing all of them would require several pages. The point is, read the ingredients on the label, do your research. And make sure the haircare product is right for your hair type and skin.