How To Use Double-Sided Wig Tape

How To Use Double-Sided Wig Tape
You might have seen it advertised online and not known why or how to use double-sided wig tape. When it comes to securing your wig, you can use glue adhesives or tape adhesives.

Each of these methods has its advantages and disadvantages.

Generally speaking, tape adhesives are easiest to use with little to no mess. Thus, making it a more popular option. But why are tapes the most preferred and how can you use it?

Well, in this blog post, we’ll share the basics for how to use double-side wig tape.

How To Use Double-Sided Wig Tape For Lace Wigs

What Is Wig Tape?

As mentioned above, wig tapes are the most preferred method of securing a hair wig. They are available in pre-cut or rolls to match the shape of the attachment area. In general, tapes are clear and are available in numerous line colors that show the degree of thickness. It’s also usually thicker that glue and may create a small single edge.

Usually, the tape is shiny and visible through the lace. Our wig tape is not only waterproof and anti-sweat, but it also has no shine. If you have sensitive skin, low profile tapes are recommended for wig attachment.

Overall, wig tapes are handy as well as simple to use. They also provide an easy technique of connection, washing, and removing.

Benefits Of Using Wig Tapes

Although you can use tape or glue to secure your wig, the best option is tape adhesive. Here are some benefits of using tape over glue.

1. Faster Installation. It’s not secret that installing a wig using tape is faster compared to when using glue. In essence, it take about 30-60 minutes to install a wig using tape. On the other hand, glue installations take much longer. That’s because you must ensure that the wig glue is evenly spread in areas that come in contact with the wig. Moreover, wig tapes can last up to 12 weeks if properly installed and maintained.

2. Reduced Damage. Wig glue can possibly further damage an already weak hairline. In this case, use double-sided wig tape to secure your wig. This secure method lessens the chance of damaging your hairline or hair. Besides, they are lightweight, therefore less likely to harm your hair. In addition to that, they mount with ease.

3. Provides A More Realistic Look. Of course, when wearing a wig, you want the most natural look as possible. Because wig tapes are undetectable, you can easily achieve this.

4. Best Option For Sensitive Skin. Another notable benefit of tape adhesives is that it’s perfect for people with sensitive skin. Conversely, glue adhesive is not an ideal option for such skin. They also have chemicals that can cause allergic reactions, irritation or even inflammation.

5. Easy To Remove. Removing tape is fairly easy compared to removing the glue. In fact, sometimes you can remove the tape by just peeling it off the wig. However, this depends on the tape as well as the base it’s being used on.

How To Apply Double-Sided Wig Tape

How To Use Double-Sided Wig Tape

So, you’ve explored what tape adhesive is about and the benefits. Now, let’s see how to use double-side wig tape to install lace front human hair wigs.

  1. Ensure that the intend area you’re putting the tape on is clean. This allows the tape to firmly stick to your skin. Use a cotton ball and dip it in an alcohol-based solution. Then wipe the areas you want the tape to go on.
  2. Cut several wig tape strips you will need to cover the sections you want to secure. Whether it is just the sides of the wig or other areas you feel may need additional security.
  3. Peel one side of the wig tape. Place it onto the silicone in the areas you would like to secure.
  4. When you’re ready to put the wig on, peel away the other side of the tape. Avoid touching it as you gently put your wig on.
  5. Finally, when you feel happy with where the wig’s position, apply pressure to where the tape is. It is as simple as that. You are done securing your wig.

A word of caution. Make sure that the tape sticks to your skin and not your hairline areas. This ensures that it adheres well and your wig stays secured throughout the day.

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