Should You Try Hair Oiling?

Should You Try Hair Oiling?
From braids to heat styling and shampoos, your hair can go through a lot. As such, many of us are looking for ways to give our locks some much-needed TLC. But it could just be that your hair needs an oil change.

As an ancient practice used to moisturize and strengthen hair, oiling your hair ensures your locks get a good dose of vitamins. But is oiling your hair right for everyone? With this in mind, let’s explore this concept, best technique and how to do it.

What Is Hair Oiling?

Hair oiling is the process of massaging natural oils throughout your hair to boost moisture, promote overall health, and increase shine. While deeply rooted in Indian tradition and Ayurvedic medicine, it has been a part of natural hair care for decades.

If you search the term in Google, a few different methods come up. Some recommend putting it on the ends of your hair to keep it hydrated, while other suggest applying natural oils to your scalp.

Benefits Of Oiling Your Hair

In order to keep our hair happy and healthy, similar to our skin, it needs a good balance of oils. According to supporters of this practice, the main goal of oiling your hair is hydration. Also, to accommodate for minerals and vitamins your hair may be missing after repeated shampoos.

Benefits of oiling your hair include:

1. Improves Appearance Of Split Ends

There’s still a way to conceal those split ends if you haven’t been to the salon in a while. If you add natural oils to the ends of your hair, it will visually help clean them up. Not to mention, adds moisture in the process. Albeit this is only a temporary fix, it does work.

2. Adds Moisture And Shine To Hair

Hydration is the secret to obtaining silky hair. In fact, oils can revive hair with a moisture boost. And coconut oil even strengths hair fibers. Particularly for hair that’s affected by heat and styling damage.

3. Possibly Protect Your Hair From The Sun

Unfortunately, heat doesn’t just come from your curling iron or straightener. It’s crucial to protect your hair from the sun’s rays to keep it from getting frizzy or dry over time. Some researchers believe that almond oil’s moisturizing properties may provide a protective barrier against the sun’s UV rays.

Should You Apply Oil To Your Scalp?

As with most subjects these days, there’s tons of advice out there about moisturizing your hair. Especially on social media platforms and YouTube. But this particular method of hair moisturizing may not be suitable for all hair types.

So, for the best possible answer, you should consult an expert hairstylist at our Uptown New York Style salon.

For the most part, when exploring different hair routines, you should start slowly. And remember that not every head of hair is the same. So even though oils are natural, they can yield different results for different people.