Protecting Your Scalp Before Getting Chemical Treatments

Protecting Your Scalp Before Getting Chemical Treatments
It’s vital that you protect your scalp before getting chemical treatments. The skin on your scalp is one of the most sensitive areas on your body. Without appling a base first, your scalp will endure unnecessary trauma.

What is a scalp base? It’s a solution that is applied to the scalp before a chemical application such as a relaxer or color. It will protect your scalp before getting chemical treatments the same way gloves protects the stylist’s hands.

Reasons To Protect Your Scalp Before Getting Chemical Treatments

Healthy hair growth begins with a healthy scalp. Given that chemicals are easily absorbed into the scalp, they can damage the quality of new hair growth. Or even prevent new hair growth if chemical burns ensues. And even causing permanent hair loss to certain follicles.

A base also acts as a barrier between the chemical and your skin. Have you ever gotten bleach on your skin and noticed that it caused a chemical burn? Well, the same thing happens to your scalp if it’s not prepped properly.

The human liver can be affected if chemicals are absorbed into your pores and bloodstream. Moreover, severe chemical burns can induce a skin disorder known as scarring alopecia.

Is A Scalp Base Necessary For All Hair Chemical Applications?

If you’re referring to semi-permanent hair color and no-lye relaxers, the answer is yes. Although semi-permanent hair dye aim to stain the hair, they still contain chemicals. Otherwise, how would it change the color composition of your hair?

The same thing applies to no-lye relaxers. Is your hair straight after using the no-lye relaxer? Then it also contains harmful chemicals that alters the structure of your hair. For this reason, it is necessary to protect your scalp with a base prior to applications.

Not only that, but no-lye relaxers can also burn your skin and scalp. It’s always a good idea to read the relaxer and hair dye box labels. If the purpose is to straighten or color your hair, then you need to apply a scalp base first.

While a scalp base can protect your scalp from some things, over-processing is not one of them. Consequently, if the chemical is left on your hair past the recommended time, you are likely to get chemical burns.

Those with thick scalps don’t get a soar scalp when detangling their hair. But chemical burns are a completely different story. Whether sensitive scalp or hardheaded, always use a base to protect your scalp before chemical treatments.

Furthermore, applying a scalp base is actually part of your salon service and shouldn’t be treated as an inconvenience. Not only does it take mere minutes to properly base the scalp, but it prevents you from experiencing unnecessary scalp trauma. Or worse, hair loss afterwards.

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