Why Skincare and Scalp Care are Both Important

Why Skincare and Scalp Care are Both Important
These days, skincare is the most treasured of self-care rituals. From Instagram feeds to ads to movie scenes, everyone seems to be wearing face masks. Since our skin is a delicate ecosystem, regular care and protective supplements can help it flourish and regenerate. Consequently, as we age, our skin is more youthful looking. But skincare and scalp care are both important.

Our face is not the only part of our skin that deserves this special attention. Here at A Divas’ Hidden Hair Manufacturer, we’re passionate about scalp care and believe it’s worth some time and effort.

Here’s why skincare and scalp care are equally important.

Scalp Care IS Skincare

One of the best reasons to care for your scalp like your skin is that they’re actually the same. In a word, our scalps are skin. And like the rest of our skin, scalps are susceptible to issues like irritation, dryness, and even sweat overproduction.

Because hair adds variables to the equation, it makes the scalp more delicate than the skin on our faces. In fact, the scalp has more hair follicles, sebaceous glands, and sweat glands than anywhere else on our body. With this in mind, skincare and scalp care both important.

Moreover, your scalp is more vulnerable to elements. For this reason, your skincare routine should include scalp care.

Skincare and Scalp Care are Equally Important

Scalp care is touted as the new skincare. Because the scalp has a lower barrier function as compared to skin on the rest of your body, it’s more delicate. Therefore, it’s imperative to have a scalp care regime as good as the skincare regime for your face.

How Do You Take Good Care Of Your Scalp?

Cleansing, rebalancing and moisturizing are all part of good scalp care. You must keep the scalp clean and hydrated by using the proper moisturizing products. If you have uncommon scalp issues from medical treatments, your doctor can recommend best products to use for that. Otherwise, a visit to the salon for a deep cleansing once two weeks is definitely helpful.

The Right Way To Shampoo and Condition For Optimum Scalp Health

First, proper application and distribution of your hair cleansing products are key. For example, shampoo should be applied to the scalp in circular motion to help it lather. Use your fingertips rather than your fingernails during this process.

End the shampoo with a massage as it will help to improve blood circulation. This will boost both scalp and hair health. Afterwards, use a conditioner to keep the scalp soothed and hydrated.

In order for your scalp to flourish, it needs routine just like your traditional skin care. If you stay true to your scalp care routine, you can be on the road towards a healthier scalp. Not to mention, a more beautiful head of hair in no time.