What Are Headband Wigs and How To Wear Them?

What Are Headband Wigs and How To Wear Them?
If you’ve been asking what are headband wigs, we’ve got the answers. Also, helpful tips on how to wear them. So, you’ve seen these wigs about the internet with scarf-like accessories on them, right?

Well, a headband wig is a convenient pre-made hair system that’s great for first-time wig wears. And unlike tradition wigs, there’s no glue or lace to worry about. Instead, they are easy to secure on your head as well as economically feasible.

What Are Headband Wigs?

It’s exactly what it sounds like. A wig with a cute headband. The wearer secures it to her head with attached combs instead of using glue or clips. Because they’re easy to wear, most people who have never worn a wig, start with this type. In fact, they have become very popular across the internet, even popping up on YouTube.

Now that you know what are headband wigs, there are a few things to know about how to wear one.

Wearing A Wig With A Headband

Learning how to wear this type of wig is fairly simple. But here are a the ideal steps to get you started:

Brush Hair Back. Using a small brush, be sure to brush all your hair and edges back. However, you can also show your natural hairline if you’d like.
Secure The Wig. After you’ve brushed your hair back, place the wig onto your head. Then, secure it with the velcro that ours come with.
Style. Now that the wig is securely in place, you can start styling it. Well, it’s actually already styled, but affix it to your face shape. Put it in a ponytail or make a curly updo.

Leopard Headband Wig with Blonde Hair

Leopard Print Headband Wig Straight Blonde Hair

Leopard print headband wig 16″ straight hair has a leopard soft fabric scarf attached to the wig. Due to the different cap structure between the headband wig and a lace wig, keep these things in mind. (1) Do not cover your hairline when wearing a wig with a headband attached. (2) Put the headband back from your natural hairline so that the wig fits your head properly. The average cap size is also 21.5 and fits small to medium size head. Can also fit up to 22 inch size head.

Headband Wig 14 inch Kinky Straight Black Human Hair Wig

Headband Wig 14 inch Kinky Straight Black Human Hair Wig

Kinky straight headband wig 14 inch black human hair wig has a burgundy soft fabric scarf attached to the wig. 100% unprocessed human hair, no shedding and tangle-free. Hair can be straightened curled and restyled. New glueless unit designed to show your natural hairline. Magic tape design makes it easy to wear and you can also make ponytail or bun.It is suitable to wear for many occasions. Average size cap 21.5 fits small to medium size head and even up to 22 inch size head.

Swing by our Uptown New York Style hair salon in Solana Beach and pick up your unit. Or, we can make a custom design for you to suit your personality. You can also request a free consultation online.