Why We’ve Been Washing Our Hair Wrong Our Entire Lives

Why We've Been Washing Our Hair Wrong Our Entire Lives
Forget everything you were taught growing up about washing your hair as most of it is wrong. “I know, but my mom said…”, or “My auntie said…”. Hold on, give us a minute to explain that statement.

For some ethnic groups, odds are you wash your hair every day. On the other hand, more textured hair folks wash their hair once per week. Why the big difference? This is because of the shape of the hair strands. Textured hair can absorbs nearly three times amount of oil as compared to straight hair. For this reason, naturally straight hair needs to be shampooed more often than naturally textured.

But there are other circumstances that dictate the frequently which textured hair people shampoo. For instance, if your job is laborious and you perspire a lot, then once per week will not do. Not only will you need to shampoo your hair more often, but you’ll want to.

Are You Washing Your Hair The Wrong Way?

There is very much a right way to wash your hair. However, information surrounding overall scalp care may be doing us all a disservice. Below are a few myths about washing your hair wrong, scalp care myths and others we will debunk.

1. Over-washing can ruin your hair
Some people complain that their hair is too oily. They’re told that the cause is over-washing as shampooing too often strips their hair. Thus, causing oil glands to overproduce. But other people complain of having dry hair. They too are told that they’re washing their hair too often.

Instead, you’re better off focusing on the right products rather than on the right frequency. In essence, use the correct products based on your washing habits. For instance, if your hair becomes oily quickly after washing, then washing every day is necessary. This is essential for the health and appearance of your hair.

2. Using your fingernails during shampooing really get out the dirt
This speaks to what we were talking about at the beginning of this article; washing your hair wrong. Using your fingernails as a massage apparatus during shampooing is not recommended. Here’s why.

The outside of each hair strand is covered in cuticle scales, similar to scales on a fish. The back-and-forth scratching action chips away at the protective cuticle. As a result, the hair is weaken and makes it more likely to break.

Consequently, the worst thing to do is start scratching your scalp with your fingernails. Not only do you risk scraping your scalp, but also you can cut it each time. This can cause your scalp to become inflamed and even get infected. It will be as painful and irritating as a cut anywhere else on the body. Additionally, it can be more difficult to treat these cuts and scrapes if they’re covered by hair.

So, instead of using your fingernails while shampooing, use the soft tip of your finger skin.

3. Sulfate-free shampoo is overrated
When you browse the aisle of your favorite beauty supply store, you no doubt see these labels. Well, it’s not just a marketing tactic. In fact, sulfates are actually harmful to your scalp and can interfere with healthy hair growth.

But what do sulfates do? They’re the active ingredients that make shampoos easy to lather. This foam better remove oils and buildup when you wash your hair. One of the most common sulfates in shampoos is sodium laurels sulfate.

What makes sulfate-free shampoo better? First, sulfate-free shampoos provide cleansers and natural hydrating agents. These components nourish and clean your hair and scalp. The difference between sulfate and sulfate-free shampoos can have a lasting impact on your hair as it ages.

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