Medical Wig vs. Cosmetic Wig

Medical Wig vs. Cosmetic Wig
From ancient times to today, wigs have been used for many reasons, such as protective hairstyles to societal status symbols. But today, medical induced hair loss and aesthetic enhancements are the two common reasons people wear a medical wig or cosmetic wig.

Medical Wig vs. Cosmetic Wig

To help you understand the differences, this blog posts discusses medical wigs vs. cosmetic wigs, including purposes and features.

What Are Medical Wigs?

Medical wigs, also known as cranial prostheses, are custom made wigs specifically designed for hair loss individuals due to medical conditions. These medical conditions and treatments include chemotherapy, radiation, or forms of alopecia.

Their primary purpose is to cover the scalp and provide a sense of normalcy during a demanding time.

The main features of a medical wig vs. cosmetic wig include:

Natural Appearance. It’s important that a medical wig mimics the individual’s natural hair. For this Eason, hairs are generally hand-tied, which provides the appearance of natural hair growth from the scalp.

Superior Comfort. These wigs are made with the wearer’s scalp sensitivity in mind. People undergoing treatments usually have tender scalps. As such, medical wigs prioritize minimizing discomfort.

Secure Fit. People with total hair loss generally wear medical wigs. Consequently, they are designed to fit securely without concern of accidental slipping.

About Cosmetic Wigs

From theatrical props to fashion statements, cosmetic wigs have been around for centuries. While at first glance they may seem to resemble medical wigs in appearance, their primary focus is very different.

Purpose of cosmetic wigs include:

Features. Even though most cosmetic wigs offer varying levels of comfort, they don’t have the specialized features required for hypersensitive scalps. Medical wigs, however, are made for sensitive scalps.

Diverse Colors and Styles. Cosmetic wigs are typically about choice as they offer many options. Whether it’s for a bold fashion statement, change in hairstyle, these wigs offer many options.

Affordability. Generally speaking, cosmetic wigs are more affordable than medical wigs. This is often due to the manufacturing methods and varied materials.

There are other differences for a medical wig vs. a cosmetic wig such as construction materials and techniques. Most often, medical wigs use advanced materials and techniques to ensure upmost comfort for the wearer. For instance, medical wigs do not contain knots of any kind during the construction.

On the other hand, a cosmetic wig might be created using machine-tied methods.

How We Can Help

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