Different Ways To Style Your Short Haircut

Different Ways To Style Your Short Haircut
While there are many different ways to style your short haircut, in this article we will focus on 3 of the top ways. Flopping yourself down in the stylist seat and muttering ‘make it short’, may not result in the style you envisioned.

Instead, you may end up with an uninspiring style due to your instructions. And you definitely don’t want to end up with a faded mohawk if you wanted a bob!

Different Ways To Style Your Short Haircut

If you don’t tell the stylist the cut you want, you probably won’t get it. And if you don’t know what to ask for, then there’s little chance of getting want you expect. When visiting a hair salon, particularly when cutting your hair, you should know some of the basic terminology associated with styles.

Here’s a quick guide for three different ways to style your short haircut.

Graduated Bob Haircut For Thin Hair

1. Graduated Bob Haircut For Thin Hair

The graduated bob is a lovely layered stack in the back and a minimal length length up front. A super classy, elegant look that is perfect for thin haired sisters; both girls and women.

If your face is round shape, it adds dimension to your face and won’t make it look wide. And, for shorter height girls, your hair won’t cut your body in half.


Pixie Cut for Thin Hair

2. Choppy Pixie Haircut

Pixie cuts are so cute and definitely work better for those of us with thinner hair. By making the cut choppy, you not only add volume, but also avoid looking too thin.

If you don’t mind a crop and want to shake things up a bit, definitely go for the pixie cut.


Lob Layers Haircut

3. Lob with Light Layers Haircut

This is a fantastic look to create and hold. Especially if you have thin hair rather than thick. Quick note, to avoid making your hair appear even thinning, don’t over straighten it.

Instead, add a little product like Beautiful Hair Renew Lotion and go natural. This will give movement and body to your hair.


Different Ways To Style Your Short Haircut If Your Hair Isn’t Your Own

So, what are the hairstyles for women using a hair replacement system? Well, if you’ve invested in a high-quality system and it’s styled by a skilled stylist, you have lots of options. The most important thing is to find the style that suits your face. And of course, the image you want to project.

You’re certainly not limited with a hair system as we can achieve most hairstyles to give you the perfect look for you!

If a new hair style isn’t quite cutting it, we offer many solutions to boost your hair thickness and confidence. To learn more, schedule your complementary consultation today.

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